High quality produce that is reasonably priced, prepared and served with care.

About us

ACE Butchery is an entity that is owned and controlled by Ace Holdings Limited. Ace Butchery independently manages and operates the meat business. Meat products that we sell include: Beef, goat meat, fish, chicken, turkey, domestic pigeon, mutton etc.


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Once our quality control measures were in place, we had to make sure the meat was available to you while still fresh at a reasonable price, in areas convenient to you and accompanied by the highest levels of customer service. Open daily between 8AM and 8PM


In order to retain goodness of the meats, Ace Butchery also owns its own abattoir and meat cutting plant designed to maintain the quality and freshness of our produce.

Contact us

Ace Butchery
P.O. Box 1246, Blantyre
Cel:+265 999 25 73 56
Email: ace@ace.co.mw



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